Welcome Owners and Enthusiasts of the 1967-1971 deTomaso Mangusta !

We appreciate all of the positive input from our friends in the deTomaso community, and wish to thank you all for submitting your images, automotive history and personal stories. Our goal is to continue to provide this online historical service, solely dedicated to the 1967-1971 deTomaso Mangusta.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the deTomaso enthusiast with a free-of-charge, single point of contact for Mangusta history, technical tips, how-to articles, upgrades, modifications, parts sourcing and a definitive owner-driven electronic vehicle registry.

Why This Website? We like to share!

Years ago we realized that so many quality websites exist for the wonderful deTomaso Pantera, but only a fraction of sites exist for the low-production Mangusta. We came to the realization (during the process of maintaining and improving our “Mangusta Test Car”, that available resources were scattered, if available at all. So much of our time went into sourcing parts and learning the nature of the car that it seemed a shame to keep all of this valuable information to ourselves.

The Mangusta International “Wild Goose Chase”!

Do you own or have you previously owned a deTomaso Mangusta? Do you have a friend or neighbor with one? Feel free to share as many images, personal stories and technical advice as you wish, along with the corresponding vehicle identification number (8MA #), and we will include the vehicle in our “living” online registry. We hope to eventually document every remaining Mangusta out of the original 401 hand built vehicles. We feel that this primary site for deTomaso Mangusta enthusiasts should continue to provide value as long as YOU remain directly involved by providing us with your feedback. So what are you waiting for…Join in on the “WILD GOOSE CHASE”!

MI Webteam

This website was created in 2005 as a perpetual tribute to a man we never had the privilege of meeting. We formally salute you, Nello, for without your appreciation of, and care for “The Goose”, the joy, challenges, and excitement we have experienced would not have come to be. Let this be a small part of your legacy for like-minded enthusiasts to enjoy. BRAVO!